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Explore brand TLDs with the Stats Hub

Today MakeWay.World is pleased to reveal an exciting new range of functionality that we’re really proud of: the Stats Hub.

Completely free for anyone interested in .brand activity globally, the Stats Hub is available now in the top navigation of the MakeWay.World website.

This is the world’s first free, interactive database of up-to-date, publicly available data on .brand usage.

stats hub dotbrands brand TLDs

What does that mean? Well, this is the first time this information has been available in one centralized location that can be searched and filtered to find what you need quickly and easily. So whether you’re a .brand owner yourself, a journalist or just simply someone that loves innovation in the digital space, this is the site for you to go to anytime you’re looking to see what’s going on in the .brand revolution.

dotbrands stats hub brand TLDs

What’s in the Stats Hub?

With a click, you can now explore .brand TLD statistics for every applicant including the number of domains registered, how they’re being used, and any other TLDs owned by that applicant.

The data can also be sorted by industry or location to compare what others in your region or field are doing with their TLDs, or by the volume of domain registrations to see who is leading the way in .brand domains. Factors such as .brand domains with Alexa rankings have been included to provide greater context and detail to the information provided.

How do I use the Stats Hub?

  • .brand applicants and project owners can easily discover who else applied for a .brand TLD and investigate how others in their industry are using them to get inspired and make more informed business decisions.
  • Media and analysts can crunch the numbers and gather data, statistics and interesting facts to accompany articles and reports.
  • Digital marketers can stay up-to-date on the strategies being implemented by some of the world’s most innovative companies, as this select group of ‘Digital Superbrands’ emerges.
  • Other brands can keep tabs on the .brand community and gain inspiration while we await a second round of new TLD applications.

Explore the Stats Hub now on MakeWay.World.


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