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Did you ever stop to think what the ‘link’ is all about?

Did you ever stop to think what the ‘link’ is all about? By Tony Kirsch Head of Professional Services, Neustar From as far back as the 1400s, marketing has existed with three simple objectives; 1. to inform consumers about products and services they may want or need;...

Upcoming webinar – .brands 101

Upcoming webinar: .brands 101 You may have heard that over 550 big brands have a .brand Top-Level Domain (TLD), such as .microsoft, .ford and .barclays. But what exactly is a .brand TLD, and what can you do with it? Following our successful .brand update webinar in...

Another future-minded .brand site from Google

The microsite now plays host to information around artificial intelligence projects, once again aligned the .google TLD with a major focus area – Google’s mission to “organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.”

Explore brand TLDs with the Stats Hub

Explore brand TLDs with the Stats Hub Today MakeWay.World is pleased to reveal an exciting new range of functionality that we’re really proud of: the Stats Hub. Completely free for anyone interested in .brand activity globally, the Stats Hub is available now in the...

AFL Women’s Trailblazing In Digital As Well As Women’s Sport

The launch Australian Football League’s Women’s Competition was a historic moment for elite sport in Australia. However, that’s not the only trailblazing move the AFL has made – the launch of the website at the address is another incredible move by the country’s most innovative sporting organisation.


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