Buckle up and get ready.

To celebrate its 100th anniversary, BMW is using a .brand microsite to roll out a concept car for the next 100 years. Go to www.next100.bmw and behold the Vision Next 100, which auto site The Verge calls “one of most insane concept cars BMW has ever conceived.” The microsite is an elegant use of .bmw and the perfect home for an ultra-cool interactive tour.

Go the Site and Take the Tour

Discover how the Vision Next 100 will come to the curb and pick you up, plus open its wings in welcome as you approach. Learn how the car performs as your Personal Companion, with dashboard alerts to your immediate environment and a windshield that functions as a computer screen, updating you to traffic reports and personal items like emails and appointments.

Parts of the car even change form—yes, you read that right—for example, closed wheel arches that move in sync with the wheels and a driver’s seat that softens in auto-drive mode and stiffens to support you when you’re ready to pilot.

The Vision Next 100 is in sync with something else, the Internet of Things. To get a view a marketer’s view of its value, see this Neustar blog.