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KPMG drops .com and moves to

KPMG has revolutionized their digital brand and moved from to their new branded domain. Find out the benefits the organization has enjoyed since moving to their new .kpmg web address and what it means to have their own dotbrand top-level domain [1 of 2].

Apple launches its Music for Business product on a .brand

The launch of Apple’s business product in the music industry has certainly made a big splash globally. When it comes to the domain name for the new website we are very excited to see it’s a dotbrand top-level domain being used. Read more.

Using your .brand in crisis – A COVID-19 analysis

A look at how the use of dotbrand top-level domains can be highly advantageous in helping large organizations produce digital content to support their business needs and provide information to their customers and clients during the COVID-19 crisis.

Not another yearly recap: what 2018 tells us about .brands

Tony Kirsch writes; “whilst there is unquestionably a groundswell of new .brand usage each year, the previously-held view that we’re waiting for one big thing to tip the scale across the world for .brands shifted significantly last year.”

HSBC increases social clicks with .hsbc links

One of the largest banking organizations in the world, HSBC, is using its .brand TLD to create branded links in social media. We spoke with Kevin Audritt, Global Head .HSBC TLD Programme, to find out more.

.brands Spotlight: DVAG

Discover how German financial services company DVAG is using its .brand TLD in the latest Spotlight.


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