Media giant FOX has dropped a tantalizing clue about the future of entertainment. It’s out there and it’s big.

FOX has taken a crucial step in launching .fox, its branded Top-Level Domain (TLD) which goes live this spring. Like all new TLD owners, FOX was required to create a NIC page—a web page with basic information from Network Information Centers (hence,

As you might expect, the folks behind American Idol, The Simpsons, and many of the world’s most loved films decided to go big with  “The typical NIC page has minimal imagery and design, providing just the basics such as the registry owner’s policy information and perhaps a few words about their brand,” said Jason Loyer, Director of Registry Client Engagement at Neustar, which provides back-end registry services to .fox. “As you’ll see when you visit, they went an entirely different direction.

“FOX chose to break the mold with their NIC page.  In addition to providing the standard policy information, they are using their NIC page as a tool to help educate and inform their own employee base about the .fox TLD.  We here at Neustar are excited to have been a part of the .fox launch effort and can’t wait to see the creative uses of the .fox TLD. “

A Trusted Digital Space

Announcing .fox as “the next big thing,” greets visitors with a stream of footage highlighting TV programming like Empire and big-time sporting events, plus blockbuster movies like The Martian and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. You’re encouraged to “Explore Your World. Find Your Story. Trust It’s From Us.”

Since FOX owns the .fox TLD, they control the entire .fox name space, meaning no one outside the company can acquire a .fox domain.  Reinforcing that, FOX proclaims “.fox will be a trusted digital space for everything you love about Fox.”

A Streaming Hub for All Devices

One last clue about the future appears at the bottom of You’ll find three icons—a TV, tablet, and smartphone. “It’s a signal that .fox will be a key tool in making FOX content available on all devices,” said Loyer.  “It will be interesting to see how other media and entertainment providers react when .fox domains go live. Being among the first to make a big move with their .brand, FOX is taking a leadership role in the industry and everyone else will have to play catch-up.”