On World Cancer Day, February 4, 2015 the Australian Cancer Research Foundation (ACRF) opened a new front in the war on cancer. The non-profit launched its own Top-Level Domain (TLD), .cancerresearch, opening up bold possibilities in education, funding, and finding a cure.

Making It Easier to Learn and Help

.cancerresearch promotes the work of scientists dedicated to beating this horrible disease. The TLD’s naming structure is intuitive for end users, making it easy to find the content they want. For instance, besideswww.home.cancerresearch there’s www.donate.cancerresearch,www.news.cancerresearch, and www.prostate.cancerresearch. Each domain name clearly describes what you’ll find on the site.

Sources of Relevant, Trusted Information

The massive funding required to beat cancer means “game-changing innovation,” said Tony Kirsch, Head of Professional Services at Neustar, in a blog on Circle ID. He said ACRF is showing how to use a .brand for “a higher purpose, something that could genuinely disrupt the status quo, something that is necessary to beat a disease that has impacted the lives of so many.”

Added Kirsch, “With over a billion websites in existence today, there is already so much content available online, and as a result, Internet users are really looking for beacons of relevant, targeted information from sources they can trust.”

It doesn’t hurt that these sources all link to the same fully branded web address. People who want to help the cause can learn, be inspired, share, and donate with confidence.