The webinar has now ended. Stay tuned for the recording of this session, and in the meanwhile you can view our previous webinars on the video gallery.

How to borrow big brands’ strategies for your .brand TLD

This half hour session will give you a global flyover of some creative .brand usage from the world’s biggest and most innovative businesses.

Better yet, we’ll break them down to show how you can use these techniques with your .brand to solve real business problems.

We’ll take a closer look at sites from the likes of Audi, Google, HSBC, BMW, SNCF, Weber, Lamborghini and more, to see what creative ideas you can borrow for your brand.

Register now for a look at how these companies are using their .brands to contribute to:

  • Consistency of customer experience in a global business
  • Strengthening security and trust in their brand
  • Attracting, retaining and publicizing good talent
  • Aligning their brand with community and philanthropic activities
  • Increasing effectiveness and accountability of advertising campaigns

The webinar will be presented by Neustar’s Corey Grant. Don’t miss this 30 minute masterclass in how a .brand can be a valuable tool in reaching business objectives.