.brands Spotlight: swoosh.nike

The name, the iconography, and the sound – “swoosh” is branding known worldwide as being unique to Nike. What better way to build on that brand recognition than through an online platform created on Nike’s own .brands website? Introducing swoosh.nike (.SWOOSH for short), beta launched by Nike in November 2022.

As virtual creations like NFTs have become more mainstream and better understood by tech newbies, brands like Nike have found innovative ways to adopt similar technology that makes sense for their fans. With .SWOOSH, the company aims to give their community an “opportunity to co-create the future of Nike” utilizing Web3.

How does it work? Users create a free profile on the .SWOOSH community to unlock access to virtual collections, compete in design challenges, get priority access to upcoming drops, and attend events (both virtual and in-person) where they can meet fellow community members and Nike athletes.

Nike has used its .brands domain name to help its fans find what they need faster and more securely than ever. What makes us particularly excited about their .SWOOSH initiative is unlike anything we’ve seen before and writes a new chapter about what can be done with .brands domain names. It is truly about harnessing the power of technology to create something that resonates with its fans and gets them involved in creating the company’s future. Nike explains, “New technology brings new opportunities to innovate, inspire, and move boundaries. Sports and culture are evolving, so we want to build a future that’s creative, inclusive, and brimming with unlimited possibilities for everyone. As more fans find new ways to express themselves in the games and social platforms they love, we’d love to invite more of our Nike community to help co-create these products alongside us.”

Launching a platform like .SWOOSH on a .brands domain gives Nike a strategic competitive advantage, too – this cannot be easily replicated and is very clearly made and endorsed by Nike. It enables their fans to easily recognize that it is a safe community for them to connect with others.

“This approach meets consumers wherever they play and shop sport and offers a gateway into a new digital arena,” said Ron Faris, GM of Nike Virtual Studios, to Ledger Insights. “We are shaping a future marketplace with an accessible platform for the web3-curious. In this new space, the .SWOOSH community and Nike can create, share, and benefit together.”

The first official drop hit the .SWOOSH community in January 2023 and is only the beginning of what this branded domain will do for Nike and its fans. Like you, we will be watching with great anticipation as this innovative community starts to take shape and will demonstrate the future of .brands.


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