iSelect joins leading digital brands to reveal .iselect

Leading online player iSelect has revealed its new brand Top-Level Domain (TLD) .iselect as it moves towards becoming Australia’s first and only ‘Life Admin™ Store’. Launching a brand TLD allows iSelect to create web addresses ending in ‘.iselect’, such as and

The decision to establish the .iselect TLD puts iSelect alongside other brand TLD owners including the AFL, Monash University and Channel 7 as one of Australia’s leading digital brands.  Other international brands to embrace TLDs include BMW, Nike, Barclays and Google. 

Approximately 60 .iselect names have been created initially such as and

iSelect Managing Director & CEO Scott Wilson said the decision to move to simplified TLDs was driven by the desire to make life easier for customers. 

“Our business continues to evolve along with our expanding product suite as we move towards becoming Australia’s ‘Life Admin™ Store’.  But to truly help Australians take care of their boring but important life admin™ tasks we need to make it as easy as possible,” Mr Wilson said.

“For example, our current health web address ( is 36 characters long but our new health TLD ( halves that to just 18 characters.”

Mr Wilson said the new TLDs would simplify the navigation process, making it more intuitive and direct, and connecting customers to what they are after faster than ever before.

“Well over half our customers begin their search for us via their mobile phone which makes a short navigation even more important,” he explained.

“We want customers to be able to just ‘iSelect it’. Our .brand TLD means customers need only think of the product they are after and then simply put that product in front of .iselect.”

Mr Wilson said another key benefit of brand TLDs such as .iselect was their global nature, meaning country-specific domains are no longer needed.

dotbrands .iselect iSelect .brand brand TLD

“We want customers to be able to just ‘iSelect it’. Our .brand TLD means customers need only think of the product they are after and then simply put that product in front of .iselect.” 

dotbrands .iselect iSelect .brand brand TLD

CMO Geraldine Davys said the company was excited to embrace a new era in digital branding and provide customers with a more effortless experience. 

“The introduction of .iselect is in line with our overarching design principles to save our customers time and effort, as well as either saving them money or finding them better value.”

Ms Davys said the new global TLDs would help do the ‘heavy lifting’ for customers so they can be confident they’ve made the right decision quickly and easily.  

“In the future, customers looking for life insurance will be able to visit, customers wanting to compare credit cards can go to and those looking to join our team can check out It really is that simple.”

Tony Kirsch, Head of Professional Services at Neustar and global brand TLD expert said that the .iselect TLD cemented iSelect’s position as a leader in digital branding and created endless possibilities for future marketing strategies. 

“Not only has iSelect shown itself to be a bold and innovative brand in taking on this new opportunity in digital marketing, but use of a branded TLD such as .iselect will give the organisation  unprecedented insight into how their customers interact with them online,” said Mr Kirsch.

“With this greater insight, iSelect will be able to evolve and build experiences that truly reflect customers’ needs and can be truly creative in the way it grows its online brand.”

iSelect launched mobile phones, credit cards and travel insurance earlier this year, complementing its existing insurance (health, life and car), utilities (energy and broadband) and personal finance (home loans) services. The company plans to launch a number of new businesses next year.

iSelect will begin promoting its .iselect web addresses through marketing and advertising activity in the coming months.

GoDaddy acquired Neustar's registry business as of August 3, 2020.


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